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Full-text obituaries from The Press
(starting mid-2000 till August 2005)

after August 2005

A national database of obituaries.

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An index from 1875 to 1999
Compiled by the Ridgefield Library

Volunteers at the Ridgefield Library compiled this extensive index of obituaries and death notices that appear in extant issues of The Press from its beginning in 1875 through 1999.

The first date (third column) is birth; the second (fourth column), the date of the issue of The Press containing the obituary. (Note that various issues from the first 40 or so years of publication have been lost and thus the obituaries that appeared in them.)

In some cases, especially in the 1870s or 1880s, the item indexed may be little more than a listing in the paper of people who died the year before. This is especially true if you see two issue dates and the second one is in January or February. We have no way of telling from the index whether a listing is a full obituary or a brief mention. However, if a birth year is given, odds are it's a full obituary.

We can supply copies of most obituaries. Fees are:

  • $2 for fairly modern obituaries (after 1927 through 1980; 1989 to present), which we can copy on a photocopier at The Ridgefield Press office.

  • $5 for pre-1927 obituaries, which require us to print from microfilm readers at the Ridgefield Library. Also, because obituaries between 1981 and 1988 are available only on microfilm and must be reprinted at the library, we charge $5 each for the time involved.

Always include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request. Mail requests to Obituary Reprints, Ridgefield Press, Box 1019, Ridgefield CT 06877. Make checks payable to Jack Sanders.
Please note
: Because this work is done as time permits, it may take several weeks to fulfill your request. If you have questions, click here to e-mail us.